Lumeway Products: EyeAlert

EyeAlert Distracted Driving and Fatigue Warning Systems:

You’re tired and you know it...
but you continue to drive.

We’ve all been there, and by far this is the riskiest behavior there is because the onset of fatigue is slow, and progressively debilitating to your ability to make good choices. Deciding when it’s time to act in response to diminished levels of alertness from fatigue is a dangerous game all drivers play. It's akin to a driving version of Russian roulette. The EyeAlert Distracted Driving and Fatigue Warning System simply helps you make timely better choices.

Like most laws, “Hours Of Service” (HOS) rules will never protect us, because each individual has their own fatigue threshold – which changes day by day or even on a hour by hour basis. Inasmuch no HOS rule can quantify an unknown, what the driver’s current level of alertness really is. In that if you drive for extended periods, no matter how well disciplined or well meaning an individual is, we're all susceptible to periodic bouts of fatigue and sleep deprivation. This is where the EyeAlert can save lives because it has been programed to react to research verified physiologically dangerous fatigue levels regardless how long you have been driving.

You may be able to be lulled into the danger zone...
but you can’t fool the EyeAlert!

The EyeAlert systems focuses entirely on the driver’s alertness levels or inattention to the road ahead regardless of time of day or weather conditions. Making good drivers better because they now have positive immediate feedback that they need to act.

FACT: Despite decades of public awareness and mitigation efforts, over 70 percent of the rural highway accidents remain single vehicle events. The greatest risk occurs during twilight and night. nonetheless the EyeAlert works 24/7 under all conditions including if the driver is wearing sunglasses.

When the infrared camera/sensors simply monitor your eye closure rate and duration – it never sleeps, blinks or takes a break, and when you start exhibiting unsafe patterns, it sounds an alarm. Moreover, because we monitor the person and not the road, it works regardless of weather or roadway conditions; fog, snow, rain on and off highway. Off highway includes Maritime, farming, mining etc. – anywhere a helmsman, or equipment operator is susceptible to fatigue.

Wether you’re driving mine equipment, a tractor trailer, school bus with a sports team, snow plow or you’re a sales rep, the EyeAlert Driver Fatigue Monitor provides that heretofore illusive additional safety margin. Best yet, the new FOURTH generation EyeAlerts are small, portable, sits on your dash and is ready to go in seconds.

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